Out in the Bay works extensively with people struggling from problems related to the abuse of drugs and alcohol, regardless of whether or not they identify as LGBT.

We realize that when a person is visibly struggling with drug or alcohol abuse many in society – even those who are there to help that person – are all to quick to apply a label to them like ‘addict’, ‘alcoholic’ or ‘druggie’. Not only do those labels define how others see and treat them, it can lead to them seeing themselves as inherently weak for succumbing to addiction or that they’ve ruined their chances in life for having done so.

Your safety and dignity are vital to us here at Out In The Bay. If you become one of our service users our staff are committed to providing a non-judgmental social environment, even if you are still using drugs or alcohol and are trying to stop. Some of our staff have struggled with addiction in the past and can provide advice and peer support based upon their own experiences.